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    Unique Self-defense Gadgets for Women

    By cooldude | June 15, 2012

    Self-defense Gadgets for Women, gadgetsSelf defense gadgets are designed to help women protect themselves from the possibility of being harassed and attacked by relative strangers. Manufacturers build these gadgets with specifications and styles that fit the need of women in an act of self defense.

    Mace and pepper spray are effective self defense gadgets for women. They are not only easy to carry but also very easy to use. You need to aim accurately and you must be close to the attacker for a successful aim. This shall cause temporary blindness and irritation to the attacker’s eyes. Stun and taser guns are also good self defense gadgets. They immobilize and disable your attacker when the electric shock hits the muscles. There are many designs that help these gadgets go unidentified. Another unique defense gadget for women is kubotan keys. Some of these keys have tapered spiky ends and some have electric shocks and tear gas. They are highly effective and hold easy mechanisms.

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