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    Types Of Camera Lenses

    By John | June 3, 2016

    Camera lensesIf you are new in the world of photography then having such a wide a wide range of camera lenses can be a bit overwhelming for you. There exists such a wide array of lenses from range of various focal lengths to range of super long. If you are interested in photography then you must be having detailed knowledge about each of the camera lenses and which of camera lenses you need for the kind of photography you do. Here is a list of types of camera lenses so that you can study all of them and learn on how to improvise your photography with various types of lenses.


    Wide angle camera lenses are divided into three classes say fish eye, ultra wide and wide. You can easily recognize a fish eye lens by just looking at it as its front elements bows outwards allowing this lens to see as wide as 180 degrees. This is the typical signature fish eye effect which bends all the straight lines into the center and it makes a circular effect in the image. These types of camera lenses are fabulous for certain specific purposes but they are usually overused without even fulfilling its primary purpose and thus it is advisable to use this camera lens with care and caution. Whereas on the other hand  ultra wide angle lenses is the one which has shorter focal length which is 20 mm but these types of lenses are built up with internal lenses which is prepared to correct the fish eye disorder. Sometimes these types of lenses are also known as aspherical. If you are talking about regular wide angle lenses then it comes with anything which is shorter than 35mm. these are meant to capture wide scenes and much large field depth.

    Normal camera lenses are same as its name suggest, it captures the things in a similar way the human eye. These are usually between 35mm and 50mm. These types of camera lenses are most common types and most widespread in the market. These types of camera lenses are very popular for street photography and travel. The reason behind these is that the images these camera lenses capture looks as real as we look from our own eyes.

    Telephoto lenses are considered as something which is exceeding 50mm. Though, these types of terms are usually used for describing something which is beyond 100mm. these4 types of camera lenses are more popularly referred to as portrait lenses as these is the field where they excel and the primary object for using these type of camera lenses is also the same. These types of camera lenses are totally opposite of the wide angle lenses as they work by shortening the depth of the field. These types of camera lenses differentiate the subjects from the background by shallow focus.

    Thus there is wide range of camera lenses with their own particular use at particular places with particular objectives.

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