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    Tracking down the advantages of GPS facility

    By cooldude | November 26, 2013

    GPS facilityGPS is the acronym for Global Positioning System which has been doing the rounds since the year 1973. It’s one of the most celebrated scientific inventions that works through a satellite network in orbit which determines the time and location of the device in question. These GPS is not only confined to major research works but has found its way towards mass use. A huge niche of populace today uses tablets and cell phones powered by the GPS technology. The FCC has demanded the mobile phones to come up with GPS tracking facility for emergency, since 2005. The article here is a short brief on advantages of the GPS facility.

    A very popular use of GPS is found in vehicle navigators. These GPS powered car navigators are a great help when you are driving across an alien land. The GPS vehicle trackers are engineered to offer you a detailed introduction on the road directions around the region so that you are never lost out on your way. Thus, you are relieved of stopping car everytime to ask for directions from the strangers. The same thing applies with boats armed with GPS tracking facility ensuring that you are never at a loss on the waterways.

    As mentioned earlier, the GPS facility is embedded in personal devices too, such as mobile phones, personal digital-assistants and palmtops. The very GPS facility will help in finding directions, calculating distance & much more. In case your GPS powered mobile phone gets stolen, the GPS facility in the phone will allow you to track down the current location of the stolen device. Moreover, you will get GPS powered watches and pet collars today as well. These will allow you to maintain a constant watch on the whereabouts of your pet and children, even if you cannot be with them all the time.

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