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    Tips to save power while you work on the computer

    By cooldude | June 29, 2012

    Safe energy, tips to reduce electricity billsPuzzled with the high electricity bills? Well it is a very common problem as people have to waste a lot of money in paying the bills. However, computer has turned into something very common and is found in almost all houses. It is the era of the computers and it is a necessity in today’s world. But are worried that the electricity bills come high due to more usage of computer? If yes then here are some simple tips.

    Instead of the simple computers you can use the monitors with LED screen. This is because it is said that there are very much energy efficient. However the laptops are also said to consume less energy than the desktop computers. Try to use software which are very upgraded and past so that you take less time in completing any task. The easiest method of reducing the electricity bill is to properly switch off the computer when not in use. Sometimes you forget to switch off the monitor and the energy is lost.

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