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    RFID Technology

    By cooldude | January 1, 2014

    RFID TechnologyRFID or radio frequency identification is a form of technology that sends and receives information using radio frequencies or signals as its means. RFID is divided into two tags, the passive tag and the active tag. The active tags are able to send information directly with the help of their built in battery system and hence are more expensive. Whereas passive tags require external power supply from a source to send data. Though RFID has been in use for quite a long time now, everyone is not completely familiar with it yet because of its high cost of implementation. However, RFID as a technique has numerous benefits and research work is on to make the technology cheaper so that it can reach an even larger market.

    There are a number of benefits that RFID provides. A few of those have been listed below.

    RFID tags can withstand tough weather and environment conditions. This ensures that no matter where the tagged items are, its movements can easily be tracked and the item will not be lost.
    The passive and active tags come in various sizes, shapes and types. This makes the tags suit the products to which they are attached.
    Information on these tags cannot be duplicated easily, thus increasing security and reducing chances of theft. If your client sends you an important document via mail, you can guarantee them that it will not be stolen or even copied.

    RFID tags have way higher storage capacity than the common barcode. This allows the storage and safe preservation of added information, which also helps in tracking.

    It is an extremely easy tracking process for the mailrooms because every RFID tag makes every item unique, because there are different information for each tag. It also results in faster monitoring and management of goods based on transportation and inventory.

    With technology becoming updated and more sophisticated with every passing year and most old techniques getting dissolved, it is safe to say that RFID is here to stay.

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