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    Pros And Cons Of Android Mobile Phones

    By John | November 17, 2016


    Benefits and drawbacks of android-mobile-phones

    It’s not been such a long time that android mobile phones have come into the market, but it is clearly visible that how fast it has captured the market. People has accepted android mobile phones very easily and loved using it. Android mobile phones have very rapidly captured the entire market and have shown a tremendous growth. With such excessive level of competition and IOS having such a good hold of the market, android mobile phones are great and have a specific and stable place for it in the market. Android mobile phones would definitely be having many advantages and that’s why it is used so widely in the market. However if you are thinking to use an android mobile phone than if you must have a glance at its features, its advantages and also disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of android mobile phones which should definitely be studied.

    Pros of android mobile phones


    The application on Android device is available very much easily and also for free but it brings one discomfort with it. This will also bring many advertisements with it which will irritate you when you are using other things on your phone.

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