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  • Things to remember before buying a CCTV camera

    By cooldude | October 22, 2013

    buying a CCTV cameraCCTV cameras are the best solution if you are looking for the security of your house as well as your office. Installing a CCTV camera at your home will provide you peace of mind when you have headaches of the burglars attack at your residence. The video footage can help you to catch the criminals and take necessary steps against them. If you have made a decision of setting a CCTV at your home or office, you need to get hold of the best on from the market. As you have too many options, you can tend to get confused regarding which one will be suitable for you. There are enough and more websites that you can check before going to shop for the best CCTV in town so that you have the basic knowledge of it.

    The first thing that you should look after while shopping a CCTV camera is the TV line. Unlike normal cameras the CCTV is judged on the TV lines it has rather than pixels. The more TV lines it has, the better resolution it will provide. For homes and offices CCTVs having camera resolutions of 420 to 700 TV lines are ideal. The more the resolution, the price range will differ accordingly.

    The next factor to highlight is the Internet viewing resolution. The normal camera has a certain rate within which it captures an image which is called frames per second. But in case of CCTVs it is called CIF (Common Intermediate Format) which refers to the ways your DVR records the sequence of images. As video storage has become cost efficient nowadays, now you the camera can capture on 4 CIF and get the maximum details available which was the opposite before. As 4 CIF offers almost 4 times bigger images which is very much suitable for places like doorways and bank operations.

    These details will surely help you to get the best CCTV from the market to ensure a complete security for your home as well as office.

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    Computer Motherboard: How to Choose One?

    By cooldude | September 11, 2013

    Computer MotherboardGenerally considered to be the heart of a computer, the motherboard is a very essential component of a computer without which your computer will be unable to operate at all. Motherboard is like the foundation of the computer. If a proper computer motherboard is not bought then the computer will not function effectively. This article will highlight certain tips that will help you select the perfect motherboard for your precious computer.

    Experts advise that it is a smart move on your part if you buy the motherboard from a reputable and well-known company. The manufacturer of the motherboard has to be one of the best in the country or state in which you live. You must undertake a proper research to get hold of manufacturers and companies that sell the superior quality of computer motherboard. Motherboard belonging to a credible company has good warranty and quality. The manufacturer from whom you buy the motherboard should offer you technical assistance as and when required.

    Next thing that you have to consider is that the computer motherboard has to be compatible with the processor of your computer. If the motherboard is not compatible with the processor then the computer will not work efficiently. Enthusiastic gamers and those who like graphic designing must get hold of computer motherboards which have a very high level of AGP (advanced graphic port) performance so that the gaming or graphic designing experience becomes more enjoyable.

    The motherboard you select must have many PCI slots so that modems, sound cards, Ethernet cards etc can be attached to your computer. Computer motherboard should contain plenty of USB ports as well so that devices such as keyboards, mice, modems and so on can be connected conveniently to your computer. You should also check whether the motherboard is compatible with the RAM or not.

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    Maintenance tips for your digital camera

    By cooldude | June 24, 2013

     digital camera, camera maintenanceDigital cameras are sensitive devices and require good maintenance to ensure longevity. Are you too a proud owner of a digital camera and looking for suggestions on how to maintain it effectively? Well, here are some digital camera maintenance tips.

    First of all, always keep your camera away from sunlight as direct sunray is harmful for the sensitive camera parts. You should also keep the camera safe from water & other liquids. In case, the camera comes in contact with water, remove the batteries immediately. Besides, you are also suggested to take out the batteries from the camera while not in use.

    Always use soft brush or fiber cloth to clean up the digital camera lens and never use paper towel or paper napkin for cleaning the lens. You can arrange a good screen guard to protect your camera LCD screen. Never touch the camera screen directly with your fingers.

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    Free SMS application for your smart phone

    By cooldude | June 10, 2013

    Free SMS applicationSMS’s are one of the modern ways of communicating. It is one for the ways that youngsters find more useful in order to communicate. Gone are the days when for every single message you send the mobile operator charged you a god amount of money. Now with the help of these smart applications for smart phones you can text your friends anything just free of cost. All you need is an internet connection to make the application run on your device.

    The application market is full of such applications among them the application whatsapp tops the chart. This application allows you not only to send a text to your friend but you can even share files with each other. Apart from whatsapp you can also look for a latest app known as the Wechat. This application has got a special feature that allows you to send voice messages. There are also many such applications like Viber, way to sms etc. So use these applications and enjoy texting to your friends.

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    Why Is Cloud Backup Service Popular?

    By cooldude | May 28, 2013

    Cloud Backup Service, data back upsCloud Backup Service is nothing but an offsite online storage service that protects all the important documents from all kinds of harms. This backup service is very useful for the big corporate houses which handle huge amounts of complex data on a daily basis. Cloud backup service has become really popular among the people due to the following reasons:

    • Cloud backup service allows you to store unlimited data.
    • Users are allowed to store data easily and modify the stored data as and when required.
    • This service is reliable and genuine. Your files are encrypted with difficult to crack codes.
    • The external server which stores your documents is extremely protected so that no one can hack into it.
    • Cloud backup service allows you to access your stored data from anyplace.
    • The files can also be accessed by multiple users.
    • This service is available to mobile phone and Mac users along with obviously those who use a computer.

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    Advantages of wireless connection over LAN connection

    By cooldude | May 2, 2013

    wireless connection over LAN connectionWith the development of technology, the use of wireless network over wired LAN has increased continuously. There are many reasons behind the extensive use of the wireless network over the LAN network. For LAN network you need huge amount of wire and this increases the cost to the sky level. But with wireless network, the situation is not the same. The cost involved is much less due to the absence of wires.

    Since there is no wires involves, you get a wide mobility with the wireless network. You can work with your laptop sitting anywhere within the range of the wireless network. If any access point in the wireless network is busy, it automatically pushes the user to a neighboring access point. It also happens during the failure of a particular access point get connected. So wireless connection has many advantages over the wired LAN network and that is why people are now days preferring the former over the later.

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    Benefits of using WhatsApp in your mobile

    By cooldude | April 13, 2013

    WhatsApp, WhatsApp applicationsIn the modern day of technological advancement, the people have become more and more tech savvy. Many applications have been developed to facilitate the communication system. One such application is the WhatsApp. This application is nothing but a messenger which enables you to send messages to the person you want to contact, provided you have an internet connection.

    The WhatsApp is compatible with few particular mobile operating system like the android, Symbian( Anna and Belle), Windows, Blackberry operating system, iOS, etc.

    If you have a mobile phone running in any one of these operating systems and an internet connection you can send messages to any person who is also using a mobile handset compatible with the above operating system and having an internet connection. It is completely free of cost and you can even share documents and pictures and songs through the WhatsApp.

    So, for those people who use the mobile for the most of the day, the WhatsApp is really a boon for them when it comes to communicating with their closed ones.

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    An idea about remote database administration

    By cooldude | March 19, 2013

    Remote database administration, remote dataRemote database administration seems be the latest thing in the world of database administration. With the help of remote database administration, a company can complete all the work related to database administration faster, with more efficiency and also at a lower cost. To understand about remote database administration exhaustively, you will have to understand its four key elements.

    The first element of remote database administration is reliable, automated monitoring which automatically scans the database and detects problems. If a problem is detected, a message is sent to the concerned resource so that action is taken. The second element is strong DBA team. This team must have all the resources since one DBA cannot bring everything to the table. The third element is effective help desk escalation and ticketing system. This helps in bringing the monitoring, DBA team and the client to one place. The last element is a strong process that helps in offering the very best to the client.

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    Advantages of Using Teamviewer

    By cooldude | February 26, 2013

    Teamviewer, desktop sharingWith advancement in technology and resources, people are becoming more and more comfortable with the changing and evolving face of technological advancements. Today, remote access software has become very useful and more and more people from all over the world are making use of such software for work or business or personal purposes. One of the most successful and popular products of remote access software is Teamviewer.

    Basically, with remote access software, we can use and access someone else’s computer through ours. More than two people can make use of Teamviewer and work on a single project or assignment together as a “team”. People can use Teamviewer for presentations, watching videos, work on presentations, etc. If you plan to use team viewer for personal and non commercial processes, you can use it for free. For business and commercial purposes, affordable pricing is set for this software.

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    An article on Online games

    By cooldude | January 17, 2013

    Online games, play games onlineOnline games have become a new interest of the upcoming generation called “GEN Y”. The world of war craft (wow) are developing the interesting games since 90’s.This wow trainer help the user to be more skillful in winning the game. When someone is playing online games he or she must have quick grip on fingers to defeat your enemies. However every single user has their different way of attacking or to get control on opponent. The user can follow some basic tips to crash the enemies.

    • In case of high speed racing games you can feel the adrenaline rush to finish the game on short time.
    • While playing a fighting game concentrate on the weakness on your opponent increase your concentration.
    • If the user is interested to play brain games then a good control of mind is important.
    These flash games are developing day by day, and replacing by the modern technology. The main interest of playing online game is that it is a great fun and free to play criteria.

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