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    Myths Surrounding Android

    By cooldude | January 3, 2014

    Myths Surrounding AndroidAndroid is undoubtedly one of the most significant platforms for smartphones, famous for its excellent applications that are coveted by millions around the world. But as much as Android is hailed, do you know that there are certain really maligning myths about the Android spread by the competitors to keep their target at bay. The post here is all set to defy some of the most popular myths about Android.

    Android apps are harmful for phone

    This is one of the most insulting myths about Android. It has been spread that Android portal is infested with severe malware and thus the Android apps hamper your phone by a great extent. No one is denying the fact that malware doesn’t exist but to put all the blame on Android is really ridiculous. In fact, the truth is that the software in question actually assures a highly secure operation. Every application installed on the Android platform asks for a permit & The user can always review them prior to installing them in his phone.

    Android is too perplex

    This is another ridiculous myth about Android platform. Given its high-tech portfolio many are into the wrong notion that an Android phone is always very complex to handle and it’s not intuitive. You must know that many users shifted to Android platform from the feature phones. The features phones used earlier were generally stuffed with complicated icons & hidden menus. In comparison, Android is just intuitive and ensures more user-friendly experience with each new version.

    Android phones crash more to contenders

    It has been rumored that Android phones are generally laggy & end up with crashes often, which are more frequent than its competitors. But it’s to mention here that crashes are common with all top notch software- in fact studies have shown that in many Apples Apple software systems have faced more crashes than Android.

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