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    Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

    By cooldude | June 21, 2012

    Kitchen gadgets, gadgetsThere are many upcoming kitchen gadgets that you can use to save your money, time and make cooking much more fun than it has ever been. One of such devices is a Cravendale milk jug. It is capable of measuring milk and deciding whether the milk is worth drinking or not which means it can determine whether the milk has gone sour or is it still fresh. It can prevent you from drinking sour milk. Another example would be an adjustable rolling pin. It has removable discs that make the pin adjustable.

    The raised surfaces help you measure the thickness of whatever you are rolling say pizza base, pies etc. it is quite a neat innovation that keeps you from depending on guesswork, because the rolling with accuracy is better than mere guesswork while rolling bigger items. Another example of innovative kitchen gadget would be the click n cook which has 5 spatulas that click into the stainless steel base.

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