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    Hard drive crash recovery: how to do it yourself

    By cooldude | June 13, 2012

    Hard drive crash recovery, data recovery tipsIt is very unfortunate when your computer crashes because your hard drive contains many important files and documents. You need not worry though because you can always recover the lost data and documents even after your hard drive crashes. If the cause of the crash is intermittent, then you can reboot your computer. You must run a virus scan of the whole machine to check if a virus attack has caused the crash. You can recover your documents through the Microsoft word saved drafts option or by using hard drive data recovery services.

    If you find that your computer is not rebooting properly, then you should try rebooting it in safe mode or with the last known best configuration. You can also make use of the Microsoft emergence data boot disk. As soon as you provisionally boot your computer, all the important documents should be copied and stored in some external device. In case both of these methods are not working, then you should seek the help of some professionals.

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