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  • Pros And Cons Of Android Mobile Phones

    By John | November 17, 2016


    Benefits and drawbacks of android-mobile-phones

    It’s not been such a long time that android mobile phones have come into the market, but it is clearly visible that how fast it has captured the market. People has accepted android mobile phones very easily and loved using it. Android mobile phones have very rapidly captured the entire market and have shown a tremendous growth. With such excessive level of competition and IOS having such a good hold of the market, android mobile phones are great and have a specific and stable place for it in the market. Android mobile phones would definitely be having many advantages and that’s why it is used so widely in the market. However if you are thinking to use an android mobile phone than if you must have a glance at its features, its advantages and also disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of android mobile phones which should definitely be studied.

    Pros of android mobile phones


    The application on Android device is available very much easily and also for free but it brings one discomfort with it. This will also bring many advertisements with it which will irritate you when you are using other things on your phone.

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    How to go for Pokémon Go Game in your Phone

    By Prady | July 25, 2016

    How to go for Pokémon Go Game in your PhoneTechnologies have now increased its pace in the market which is not only limited to its country but worldwide it is increasing in the best way it can. And one of the recent form of technology which is being accepted by  I guess more of the users is the Pokémon go game which is considered to be one of the latest games till now. Well, the craze of playing Pokémon go game in your phone is being definitely seen which is considered to be taking technology to the next level. I know you also might be waiting of knowing how to go for Pokémon go game in your phone right? The further information will help you in getting all sorts of information which you are in need of while going for the Pokémon go game in your phone.

    This article will help you in getting the advice regarding how to go for Pokémon go game in your phone which you can go for playing at any point of time. We all know that Pokémon go is taking the internet to be at hurricane which is considered to be something desperately which the users want to go for knowing. From its releasing date, this game has taken its place in the market internationally which is considered to be having some sort of chance to increase its more relevant features and users which can have Pokémon go game in your phone too.

    You need to go for downloading the game named Pokémon go game in your phone with the help of using apple store or play store. After downloading it, I know many of the users are not in the actual scenario of how to go for using it in your phone right. Well, the further discussed things will help you in knowing for going for Pokémon go game in your phone. It is considered to be the latest game of Pokémon series and it is known by the name of Pokémon go saga. Firstly it was thought of giving the April fool impact to the users but it is being taken on a positive code which than named to be one of the most famous type of game which you can go for in your phone.

    The first thing which you will observe up while going for Pokémon go game in your phone is that it will start up and will ask for the access towards your camera which will result in getting it opine and then after it will show up the Pokémon in front of you screen which you need to go for capturing. You need to go for walking around in the real world and capturing the Pokémon which will appear up in your ways. Not only that, there are many different varieties of options of Pokémon balls and Pokémon which can help you in playing this game and getting more interested about it. It goes for getting your real location and the Pokémon appears up for the similar region which you need to go for capturing by touching in your phone and the game is done with.


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    Top 3 Laptop Models of 2016

    By Prady | June 22, 2016

    Laptop Models of 2016We all know that laptops are considered to be important for all of us. Well, for any matters like making it use for your work, your studies, entertainment, etc. and what not right? Laptops are on the rise again. Many of the new technology which have emerged in the market and have supplied us with the best laptops model of 2016. Not only has that but technology helped you in providing way more features to you which can be considered to be in your benefits. Well, there are many latest laptop models of 2016 which you can go for at the time of purchasing it. You can also go for such laptop models of 2016 which can be compatible in accordance to your needs in the laptop which you wanted to have.

    The further discussion will help you in getting all the information of the latest laptop models of 2016 which you can go for at the time of purchasing it. Well, for instance let me help you out with some of the examples of latest laptop models of 2016 which you can go for like Dell XP 13, 13-inch MacBook Air, Asus ZenBook UX305, etc. and many more of the latest laptop models of 2016 which can help you in finding for the right reason of your needs to purchase it.

    Top 3 laptop models of 2016

    1. Dell XP 13 laptop

    Well, when it comes for the matters of purchasing the latest laptop models of 2016, we can get many options in our mind and we want to go for checking the all possible option which can help you in the matters of getting the new laptop of you. Well, amongst them you have the option of going for the new Dell’s latest ultrabook model of laptop which is considered to be having all sorts of wow factors which you can go for at the time of selecting your laptop model of 2016. It comprises of beautiful bezel-less screen display, with light weight frame, etc. and many more of the features which can help you in getting towards it.

    1. Asus ZenBook UX305 laptop

    Another top rates laptop model of 2016 which the users can go for getting their investment is the Asus ZenBook UX305 which is considered to be comprising of many of the features which makes it more relevant of using it. Well, not only that but it is considered to be better than the functioning of MacBook. Not only that but it is considered to be easily affordable which the users can go for.

    1. 13-inch MacBook Air laptop

    As we are discussing about the latest laptop models of 2016 which you can go for than how can we forget to mention about the latest 13-inch MacBook air laptop which is being launched up in the market with all the beautiful functions and needs which you are in need of. It provides you with excellent battery life, more amounts of storage, dated designs, etc. and many more of the features which can help you in the matters of taking decisions regarding buying it or not.


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    Types Of Camera Lenses

    By John | June 3, 2016

    Camera lensesIf you are new in the world of photography then having such a wide a wide range of camera lenses can be a bit overwhelming for you. There exists such a wide array of lenses from range of various focal lengths to range of super long. If you are interested in photography then you must be having detailed knowledge about each of the camera lenses and which of camera lenses you need for the kind of photography you do. Here is a list of types of camera lenses so that you can study all of them and learn on how to improvise your photography with various types of lenses.


    Wide angle camera lenses are divided into three classes say fish eye, ultra wide and wide. You can easily recognize a fish eye lens by just looking at it as its front elements bows outwards allowing this lens to see as wide as 180 degrees. This is the typical signature fish eye effect which bends all the straight lines into the center and it makes a circular effect in the image. These types of camera lenses are fabulous for certain specific purposes but they are usually overused without even fulfilling its primary purpose and thus it is advisable to use this camera lens with care and caution. Whereas on the other hand  ultra wide angle lenses is the one which has shorter focal length which is 20 mm but these types of lenses are built up with internal lenses which is prepared to correct the fish eye disorder. Sometimes these types of lenses are also known as aspherical. If you are talking about regular wide angle lenses then it comes with anything which is shorter than 35mm. these are meant to capture wide scenes and much large field depth.

    Normal camera lenses are same as its name suggest, it captures the things in a similar way the human eye. These are usually between 35mm and 50mm. These types of camera lenses are most common types and most widespread in the market. These types of camera lenses are very popular for street photography and travel. The reason behind these is that the images these camera lenses capture looks as real as we look from our own eyes.

    Telephoto lenses are considered as something which is exceeding 50mm. Though, these types of terms are usually used for describing something which is beyond 100mm. these4 types of camera lenses are more popularly referred to as portrait lenses as these is the field where they excel and the primary object for using these type of camera lenses is also the same. These types of camera lenses are totally opposite of the wide angle lenses as they work by shortening the depth of the field. These types of camera lenses differentiate the subjects from the background by shallow focus.

    Thus there is wide range of camera lenses with their own particular use at particular places with particular objectives.

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    How to Save Energy in your Home

    By Prady | November 8, 2015

    How to Save Energy in your HomeSaving energy is just not the concept of getting eco friendly in nature but there are many other things which can be availed with the help of saving energy in your home like, it will end up with more of saving factor for your home, less consumption of energy in your home and many more of the things can be taken into consideration with the help of saving energy in your home. And saving energy in your home is going to help you because many things and problems will be sorted if you are going for this step in your home.

    This article will make you understand that which ways are beneficial to save your energy in your home. In accordance to my perception there are different types of thins which ill help you to save up energy in your home. As the weather is changing you need to see certain things and keep into consideration certain things which can decrease your cost or the expenditure and also helps in reducing the energy consumption in your home.

    Saving energy in your home

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    Benefits Of External Hard Disks

    By cooldude | March 2, 2014

    External Hard DisksThe dynamics of data storage has changed over the years and with the introduction of external hard disks, data storage has been taken to a different level altogether. With the help of new generation hard drives you can create backups for all your key data and veritably actually carry all the data, folders and files that are stored in your PC from place to place, whenever you want to. The memory of external hard drives usually ranges from 500 GB to 2TB. You can use these external hard drives to store documents, videos, movies, PDF files, programs, applications and spreadsheets.

    Here are some of the benefits of using an external hard drive:

    • One of the biggest benefits of external hard drives is that it helps in transferring large capacity documents, files, applications and programs from a computer to a drive and from a drive to a computer.

    • The most recent external hard drives are extremely lightweight and you can carry them in your pocket without having to worry about a thing! You can easily use the external hard drives to transport files and data from one place to another, to be accessed in different workstations etc.

    • The external hard drives have huge storage capacity and come with password encrypted feature and this makes it possible to back up important details like personal information, medical history of family members, pictures, music files, video clips etc.

    • You can store an entire operating system in your external hard drive if it has large storage capacity. Such drives can be used as boot-up devices which can be used to restore an operating system in a PC if there are security issues or your PC malfunctions.

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    How to select a wireless keyboard

    By cooldude | February 27, 2014

    wireless keyboardA wireless keyboard will always give you the freedom for any kind of work you are doing on the computer. But there are few things which you need to know about wireless keyboards before using them. This will also help to select the best wireless keyboard for your work. Currently there are three different types of wireless technologies which are applied to wireless keyboards depending on what purpose you are using it. Given below are the three technologies to help you understand the difference and make the right choice:

    • Infrared (IR) technology- the normal transmission distance of an infrared keyboard is two meters. But the main thing is it is cheap and if you have a small room it will just be able to do the work. It is best for the entry level home users who require wireless control in just about two meters.

    • Bluetooth technology- Bluetooth products have the ability to transmit signals to up to ten meters and they are best for office work. There are times when you have to give presentation and it is not always possible to sit in front of the computer typing and showing things at the same time. This is when the Bluetooth keyboards come handy. So if it is for any office work then you can choose a wireless keyboard that has got Bluetooth technology. The price is more than that of infrared keyboards.

    • Radio frequency technology- with this feature enabled in a wireless keyboard you can practically roam around your house and use it for any purpose you want. They have a range of more than 20 meters and are more expensive than the above mentioned keyboards.

    You can also select wireless keyboards according to the batteries that are used in them. Some have disposable batteries while some have rechargeable batteries. It is always better to choose the ones with rechargeable batteries.

    Wireless keyboards can be selected according to the purpose for which you need it.

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    Myths Surrounding Android

    By cooldude | January 3, 2014

    Myths Surrounding AndroidAndroid is undoubtedly one of the most significant platforms for smartphones, famous for its excellent applications that are coveted by millions around the world. But as much as Android is hailed, do you know that there are certain really maligning myths about the Android spread by the competitors to keep their target at bay. The post here is all set to defy some of the most popular myths about Android.

    Android apps are harmful for phone

    This is one of the most insulting myths about Android. It has been spread that Android portal is infested with severe malware and thus the Android apps hamper your phone by a great extent. No one is denying the fact that malware doesn’t exist but to put all the blame on Android is really ridiculous. In fact, the truth is that the software in question actually assures a highly secure operation. Every application installed on the Android platform asks for a permit & The user can always review them prior to installing them in his phone.

    Android is too perplex

    This is another ridiculous myth about Android platform. Given its high-tech portfolio many are into the wrong notion that an Android phone is always very complex to handle and it’s not intuitive. You must know that many users shifted to Android platform from the feature phones. The features phones used earlier were generally stuffed with complicated icons & hidden menus. In comparison, Android is just intuitive and ensures more user-friendly experience with each new version.

    Android phones crash more to contenders

    It has been rumored that Android phones are generally laggy & end up with crashes often, which are more frequent than its competitors. But it’s to mention here that crashes are common with all top notch software- in fact studies have shown that in many Apples Apple software systems have faced more crashes than Android.

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    RFID Technology

    By cooldude | January 1, 2014

    RFID TechnologyRFID or radio frequency identification is a form of technology that sends and receives information using radio frequencies or signals as its means. RFID is divided into two tags, the passive tag and the active tag. The active tags are able to send information directly with the help of their built in battery system and hence are more expensive. Whereas passive tags require external power supply from a source to send data. Though RFID has been in use for quite a long time now, everyone is not completely familiar with it yet because of its high cost of implementation. However, RFID as a technique has numerous benefits and research work is on to make the technology cheaper so that it can reach an even larger market.

    There are a number of benefits that RFID provides. A few of those have been listed below.

    RFID tags can withstand tough weather and environment conditions. This ensures that no matter where the tagged items are, its movements can easily be tracked and the item will not be lost.
    The passive and active tags come in various sizes, shapes and types. This makes the tags suit the products to which they are attached.
    Information on these tags cannot be duplicated easily, thus increasing security and reducing chances of theft. If your client sends you an important document via mail, you can guarantee them that it will not be stolen or even copied.

    RFID tags have way higher storage capacity than the common barcode. This allows the storage and safe preservation of added information, which also helps in tracking.

    It is an extremely easy tracking process for the mailrooms because every RFID tag makes every item unique, because there are different information for each tag. It also results in faster monitoring and management of goods based on transportation and inventory.

    With technology becoming updated and more sophisticated with every passing year and most old techniques getting dissolved, it is safe to say that RFID is here to stay.

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    Tracking down the advantages of GPS facility

    By cooldude | November 26, 2013

    GPS facilityGPS is the acronym for Global Positioning System which has been doing the rounds since the year 1973. It’s one of the most celebrated scientific inventions that works through a satellite network in orbit which determines the time and location of the device in question. These GPS is not only confined to major research works but has found its way towards mass use. A huge niche of populace today uses tablets and cell phones powered by the GPS technology. The FCC has demanded the mobile phones to come up with GPS tracking facility for emergency, since 2005. The article here is a short brief on advantages of the GPS facility.

    A very popular use of GPS is found in vehicle navigators. These GPS powered car navigators are a great help when you are driving across an alien land. The GPS vehicle trackers are engineered to offer you a detailed introduction on the road directions around the region so that you are never lost out on your way. Thus, you are relieved of stopping car everytime to ask for directions from the strangers. The same thing applies with boats armed with GPS tracking facility ensuring that you are never at a loss on the waterways.

    As mentioned earlier, the GPS facility is embedded in personal devices too, such as mobile phones, personal digital-assistants and palmtops. The very GPS facility will help in finding directions, calculating distance & much more. In case your GPS powered mobile phone gets stolen, the GPS facility in the phone will allow you to track down the current location of the stolen device. Moreover, you will get GPS powered watches and pet collars today as well. These will allow you to maintain a constant watch on the whereabouts of your pet and children, even if you cannot be with them all the time.

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